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2016 key Group statistics

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Key Group statistics 2016
(Group subsidiaries, as at 31 December 2016)

Gross turnover
(including duty, excise and other taxes)
£46,887 million
(after deducting duty, excise and other taxes)
£14,751 million
Profit from operations £4,655 million
Adjusted profit from operations* £5,480 million
Global cigarette volumes 665 billion
Market share growth +50 basis points
Major taxes paid £33.2 billion
Markets where brands sold More than 200
Markets where largest market share 55+
Factories producing cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products 44 in 42 countries
Employees 50,000+
Group Environmental, Health and Safety expenditure £20 million
Group Research & Development expenditure US$1 billion over the last three years
Group charitable and community donations £8.3 million (London Benchmarking Group criteria)**
Shareholders (combined UK and South African registers) 116,610***
Size of shareholding No. of holders Percentage of
issued ordinary
share capital
1–1,999 103,951 1.72
2,000–9,999 9,076 1.75
10,000–199,999 2,930 6.44
200,000–499,999 295 4.49
500,000 and over 357 77.58
Treasury shares (UK) 1 8.02

* Adjusted profit from operations is derived after excluding the adjusting items from the profit from operations. These items include restructuring and integration costs, amortisation and impairment of trademarks and similar intangibles, and a payment and release of a provision relating to non-tobacco litigation.

** The LBG comprises more than 100 companies working together to measure corporate community investment.

***As at 31 December 2016.

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