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A global company

A presence and reach that are truly international

One of the major strengths of our business is our global presence – you’ll find us in countries spread across all parts of the world.

We sell our brands in more than 200 markets worldwide and in 2015 we were market leaders in more than 55 of them.

Our four regions – Americas; Asia-Pacific; Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa; and Western Europe – cover six continents.

We are a global company proud of our track record of building successful businesses in diverse local markets.

The graphic below highlights the strong contribution each of our regions makes to our annual performance and also shows the geographic spread of our people.

Global map
  • Revenue



    • Americas


      23% share of Group revenue

    • Western Europe


      24% share of Group revenue

    • Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa


      27% share of Group revenue

    • Asia-Pacific


      26% share of Group revenue

  • Volumes

    663 billionCigarettes sold


    • Americas

      124 billion

      19% share of Group volume

    • Western Europe

      112 billion

      17% share of Group volume

    • Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa

      229 billion

      34% share of Group volume

    • Asia-Pacific

      198 billion

      30% share of Group volume

  • Employees



    • Americas


      29% share of Group employees

    • Western Europe


      23% share of Group employees

    • Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa


      21% share of Group employees

    • Asia-Pacific


      27% share of Group employees

*Constant currency (CC) provides the information based on a re-translation, at prior year exchange rates, of the current year information.

**Average number of people employed by the Group during 2015.