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Board diversity

Bringing a balance to governance

Our Non-Executive Directors come from broad industry and professional backgrounds, with varied experience and expertise aligned to the needs of our business.

The Board appreciates the benefit of diversity in all its forms, within its own membership and at all levels of the Group.

The Board promotes diversity and encourages initiatives to improve gender and nationality diversity in senior management roles.

Our specific diversity ambition is to achieve by 2020 a sustainable improvement in senior representation of women and nationalities that are key to our success.

The Group’s broad geographic presence means we are well placed to attract talented people from many different countries and diverse nationalities are widely represented across the business, including at Board level.

With 30% female representation on our Board in 2015, we continued to exceed a target recommended by the UK Government.

In turn, eight different nationalities were represented on our Board in 2015: Brazilian (2), British (4), Canadian (1), Dutch (1), French (1), Greek (1), Irish (1) and US (1).