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How we report

A robust process

We are a major international business in a controversial sector, so it’s particularly important that we demonstrate openness and build trust.

We have been producing independently assured reports for more than a decade and believe this long history of reporting demonstrates a serious commitment to transparency, corporate responsibility and sustainability.

Our sustainability reporting aims to provide focused and integrated sustainability communications for our stakeholders across different formats. This includes an annual Sustainability Summary, Focus Reports, and a dedicated online performance centre – all independently assured by Ernst & Young LLP. Details of other key issues and activities can be found throughout this website and in our Annual Report.

Our annual 18-page Sustainability Summary, covers our key focus areas and performance for the year – the most recent of which, ‘Value shared: an open door on our people, performance and promises’, was published in March 2016.

Performance data, progress against our goals and our reporting against the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 indicators can be found on our dedicated Sustainability performance centre .

Our 10-page Sustainability Focus Reports on specific-topics provide stakeholders with more in-depth information on the areas that interest them most.