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Sustainability reporting

Value shared

Sustainability Focus Report 2016

Corporate Behaviour Sustainability Focus Report 2016
Corporate Behaviour

This report, published on 5 September 2016, covers corporate behaviour which underpins every area of our business and is one of the three key areas of our sustainability agenda, along with harm reduction and sustainable agriculture and farmer livelihoods.

Corporate Behaviour Sustainability Focus Report 2016 - interactive PDF (11.5 mb) Opens in new window
Corporate Behaviour Sustainability Focus Report 2016 - print-friendly (6.93 mb) Opens in new window

Sustainability Summary Report 2015

Sustainability Summary 2015

Our latest Sustainability Summary Report, ‘Value shared: An open door on our people, performance and promises’, was published on 22 March 2016. It provides an overview of our key focus areas and performance for the year.

Summary Report 2015 - print friendly PDF (13.9 mb) 

Summary Report 2015 - interactive (21.7 mb) 

Performance centre

Sustainability performance centre

Our dedicated online performance centre includes progress against our goals, performance charts Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 reporting, independent assurance statement and our response to assurance.

Our performance centre

Previous sustainability reporting

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